마그네틱 A123

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product name 마그네틱 A123
Sale Price 30,000$
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If there is something wrong with the purchased product - It can be exchanged for the same product within 7 days of purchase, and the shipping cost is paid by the seller.
- If you want to exchange for another product or a product with no abnormality, the buyer bears the shipping cost.
If there is a problem with the purchased product
(color, size, and other product exchange)
- It can be exchanged within 7 days of purchase, and the buyer bears the shipping cost.
Precautions Restrictions on the loss of product value due to disposal or damage to plastic packaging and tags.
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- If the value of the product is damaged, such as when the package is opened or the product is contaminated, return is not possible.
- If there is any problem with this product, we will compensate you according to the consumer dispute resolution standard when the Ministry of Finance and Economy announces.
Payment Guide Payment methods are credit card, National/BC (ISP), bankbook deposit, and reserve.
If it is judged to be an order due to abnormal payment, delivery may be suspended or the order may be canceled.